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President Obama’s Democratic Party has secured the critical 60 seat majority in the US Senate that can help cheap beats by dre override any Republican obstructions on Capitol Hill. This happened when the Democrats won the last undecided senate seat from November’s election after the Supreme Court in the state of Minnesota declared the Democratic candidate Al Franken the winner. Richard Lister reports from Washington. For almost eight months the two candidates had been locked in a bitter fight in the Minnesota Courts over the result of November’s Senate election. Just a few hundred votes separated them after the 2.8 million cast. The initial count favoured the Republican Norm Coleman but the recount gave the majority to his Democratic Party rival beats by dre sale Al Franken. And the State Supreme Court is now upheld that verdict. His victory gives the Democrats 60 votes in the senate and the potential to overturn Republican efforts to block legislation. Reports in Israeli media say Israel’s ambassador to the United States Michael Oren told Israeli diplomats that American-Israeli relations were facing a crisis of historic proportions. Washington is furious at last week’s announcement by Israel during a visit by the US Vice President that more new Jewish homes were to be built in occupied East Jerusalem. But on Monday, the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Israeli parliament the building project would continue. Paul Wood reports from Jerusalem. Mr. Netanyahu has been presented with a choice, a breach with the right-wing members of his coalition, or with the Americans. With his speech to the Knesset, he seems to cheap dr dre beats have chosen to put the needs of domestic politics first. It seems the Americans are so angry because they believe Mr. Netanyahu went back on an understanding. This was apparently that Israel would not push forward of any big new settlement building projects in East Jerusalem. This was necessary of the Palestinians were to be persuaded to join the long delayed negotiations so painstakingly put together by US mediators. Leading United States officials have said the American military will continue its presence in Afghanistan for a number of years despite beginning to withdraw in 2011. In a series of media reappearances, officials stressed that the date should be seen as the beginning of handing over responsibility to Afghan forces. Imtiaz Tyab report from Washington. Speaking on a Sunday morning political chat show, the Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that despite President Obama’s plan to begin withdrawing the troops from the region in July, 2011, the US was likely to maintain a significant military presence in Afghanistan for a number of years. The Defense Secretary said the pullout date was said to underline the urgent dre beats outlet need for the Afghans to speed up recruiting and training soldiers and getting them into the field. A comment’s followed criticism from opposition Republicans who say announcing a withdraw date sent a dangerous signal to insurgents.

Monster Beats Wireless Red Black

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