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Guided Chaos is not for sport or fooling around with your friends to show them how “cool” you are Guided Chaos is not designed to play around with bogus macho BS challenges but is exclusively designed for life and death combat which is why we also train with guns, knives and other improvised weapons As far as I’m concerned, if you so choose to want to “spar” with me I will seal your fate. Taking a cue from our good friend Prof. Brad Steiner, president and founder of the International Combat Martial Arts Federation, I view any and all “challenges” as potential criminal assaults and will cheap pandora uk spare no quarter. The notion that you were just “kidding” or that you weren’t serious is of no consequence to me. So any type of challenge that involves the possibility of me getting injured I view as a threat. If you want to train then we can train, if you get stupid, then I’ll get stupid. If you want to keep your head, mind you own business and keep your hands to yourself. If not, I will shut your eyes forever! [As a side note to this I encourage all practitioners of the art to adopt this mind set. Your training will progress faster and your workouts will become more focused and productive. More importantly, morons will be less inclined to want to challenge you. Even stupid people want to live] Makes sense to me. Focus On Your Own Training and to Hell With Everything Else “We must remember that one man is much the same as another, and that he is best who is trained in the severest school.” –Thucydides, “History of the Peloponnesian War” The title of this section speaks for itself and that is focus on your own training and nothing else. Stop worrying about what other people are doing and focus on your own development because as I stated in a previous article, “You and I don’t know anything, the fight is what it is and comes from everywhere and nowhere from a seemingly infinite number of possibilities.” More importantly, I can only deal with “what is” because whatever I bring to the fight, in that moment it is all I have and I have to use whatever I have for that moment and that moment only because there ain’t no more. Again, when the moment of truth arrives, “There is no future, no past, no time; there is only the moment, my sword and your sword and nothing pandora jewelry else. When I strike, I strike to kill, no more, no less. Your head or mine, it’s that simple. I will do what must be done and consequences be damned…” Why Being Civilized Is Overrated Now before you get all bent out of shape here let me explain what I mean by this. One thing that needs to be addressed (because this is really getting ridiculous) and that is this notion that people do not have the right to defend themselves or that people should never take the law into their own hands. I’m not talking about people not being civil towards one another or showing respect and kindness. What I am talking about is this “Pollyanna” notion that there are no “bad people” they are just “misunderstood”. That violence never solves anything, that if we just talk to each other long enough that any dispute can be resolved and on it goes. This may sound good on “Oprah” but this way of thinking in the real world will buy you a dirt nap. Understand there is evil in the world and denial will not make it disappear. Too many people think that they are “too civilized” to have to resort to violence to protect themselves or that the possession of a fire arm for personal protection is the sole domain of the government. Just from pandora sister charm my own personal observations, many of these people have a strange, naive, almost childlike outlook toward their own safety and expect “daddy,” the police or the government etc. to save them.

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