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I am no Nobel economist winner. But I do believe that the petrol is going to rise again back to the pre crisis level by early next year. This economy crisis has taught us many lessons in being prudent in our spending. But did we really learn the lesson? My take is the answer is not. When the economy was good at 2006, everyone spent like there is no tomorrow. We freely went on credit thinking that the debt will be cleared at end of the month. We bought SUVs which are petrol consumption cheap beats by dre headphones. We bought items (which mostly has a base component of oil) and stock them up at home and never get to use it. Such habit has helped fueled the petrol prices, which indirectly hurt the environment. Most of us do not the indirect impact of such irresponsible behavior on the oil prices. The average consumer took a beating and this is make worse when the economy comes crashing down on its knees at 2008. When it happened, we started to take stock of what we do not need. We started to cut down on unnecessary car trips and we also stopped buying SUVs and start turning to small and fuel efficient car. I would say the only good thing that came out from this economy crisis is the change in our behavior to be more socially responsible. Oh, how I wish this pattern continue but without the economy crisis as the driving factor. This will always be a wish I suppose. The economy has recently picked up and irresponsible behavior is starting to appear again. It just seem that we never learn from the mistakes. The next cycle of crisis will be worse than this as the world’s economy gets more connected. It is almost impossible to decouple the economy from each other. But surely we can be less reliant on oil. This is not just a matter of political will, but it is a transformation change in consumer habit. For now, be prepared to pay more for petrol. Over time I’ve come to realize that this mentality is more widespread than I thought. Now, I’m all about being √©couteurs beats by dre civil and holding doors open for my wife, showing kindness to others etc. but there also comes a time when you have to be, for lack of a better term “The Butcher”. There comes a time when you must become a raw beast, when you must have the single mindedness of purpose of the Lion fighting for his life on the plains of Africa. When your life or your loved one’s are in danger of being snuffed out, you must summon up all of the emotion (pain, hate, and discontent) in your body and focus it into your enemy with all you have without hesitation. When you train “take no prisoners” self defense instead of gentlemanly self defense, you will always have the opportunity to back off from the maximum. The interactive and competitive characteristics of social games has facilitated the introduction of “virtual currency”. Virtual currency can either be purchased for cash or acquired free by registering for services offered by advertisers (and in many cases unfortunately, offer-scams) – and is used by players to buy virtual goods that help them reach new levels faster, access advanced play areas, gain special powers or even for vanity purposes (decorating your virtual environments and avatars). Sounds flaky? Zynga is rumored to be on a $100 million annual run-rate for 2009, while Playfish is allegedly on track for customize beats by dre a $75 million result.

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