even trim the skirt to distort the silhouette

Out of all the freshwater lures I use to catch Bass, buzzbaits would have to the most fun to fish with. Nothing beats the sheer exhilaration of watching a trophy sized largemouth totally destroy a buzzbait at the surface. While many bass fisherman feel a little awkward fishing buzz baits and after a few quick rips go back to their usual mainstay lures such as a crankbait or soft plastics. It’s a shame really because the humble buzzbait is such a great lure to use to seek out bass especially when first venturing out into a new hot spot, the trick is to really rip up over a wide area because the primary attractant for a bass to strike at a buzzbait is the persistent and unrelenting sound and vibration and often the sound and vibration will agitate a timberland boots cheap bass to strike even when its not interested in a meal. Here’s some Elite Pro Tips to help you get the most out of your buzzbaits. Experiment with different ripping speeds and try cupping the buzzbait blades (curling) so your bait creates a rip at a slower speed Moonlight Buzzing, try using your buzz bait at night, bass are more comfortable venturing further under the cloak of night Buzz all year round, use your buzz bait during early spring and even winter on late afternoons, just use a super slow retrieve Clear water ripping, in clear water use a lighter color bait with a translucent skirt and even trim the skirt to distort the silhouette of the bait Zigzag Buzzing: change directions of?your bait while zipping by bending the wire or bouncing the bait off objects and structure Lose the skirt, you can do away with the skirt altogether and even add a soft plastic lizard to mix things up, works well in windy conditions. Fishing this type of top water bait can be a great Bass producer, especially if to go out on a limb and mix things up a little and try a number of different techniques. Another great tip if your buzzing at night is to bend an S into your buzzbaits so your bait runs deeper in the water,this will prevent Bass short striking you bait. You can even use some spray attractant on the skirt to cover all bases and add an extra reason for a lazy bass to come out from bedding and go to town on your bait. Just do not jump the gun otherwise you will just confuse and jumble the brain and it will do whatever it nike mercurial superfly iii fg can to offer up excuses to quit. It will too, in order to protect the self from overwhelming the emotional self from learning the quantum truth of it, existing in more than one place at the same time. 7. Alright, now time for some fun. When you become ‘awake’ inside your dreams you can control things in your dream. Control of your dreams can be addicting and damaging if done for too long. So please wait until you have at least 6 months of work accomplished, and do try not to dodder too long at it. Nevertheless, here is how I have been taught and it works for me. A. Subtlety is the KEY. Slowly, ever so slowly and subtle as you can start to try and become aware of the fact that you are in a dream. The quicker you do this the less likely you are to do it. You will wake your self up physically. Try to wake up only in the dream and not anyway else. The goal is to stay inside the dream. B. Do this by becoming aware of yourself and your surroundings with as little ecouteurs beats change as possible. Do not try to change anything or disturb the nature of what is going on around you.

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